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5 Ways Job Searches are Changing in 2020

Valued Careers January 20, 2020

When it comes to applying for jobs, things have changed a lot since the early days of filling out online applications.  So how do you go about landing that dream job or changing careers today? These five tips will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Gaps in Your Employment

Gaps in your employment history are more common than ever. More adults are taking time off of their career in order to try out other projects. This can be anything from going to school to starting a business. 

Remember that even if there are gaps, the overall story of your career history can still be one, unified link. 

Keywords and Algorithms

It’s not just managers reading your application anymore, it’s also algorithms. There are good odds that your application was screened by a computer program before it ever reached the hiring manager's desk. 

To get around this, incorporate key phrases from the job description into your application. That way their software will pick up on the phrases and words they are looking for. 

Changing Careers

Career hopping used to be a bad sign for prospective employers. Luckily, this is the new norm. Don’t be worried if you have a variety of careers on your application. 

The important thing to do if you have a diverse career history is to create a narrative that ties it all together and relate how the things you’ve learned can be useful in your new career. 

Culture and Fit

Companies are more concerned than ever with employees fitting into their culture. The latest trends in corporate culture stress an environment that works together fluidly. Research what the workplace is like and, if you can, talk to current employees to learn about the culture before your interview. 

The Importance of Networking

Highlight your connections and your ability to acquire new relationships in your interview. Being able to build networks is one of the most valuable skills for employers today. Odds are, there are dozens of applicants that can do the job, but only a few that can help the company grow.